Overlay Construction

Overlap. What is the ceiling? We have built a foundation that would begin construction of the walls of the first floor must cover the foundation nadpodvalnoy plate, also in the separation between floors vezvodyatsya intercommunication ceilings, and under the roof of the attic floor. This horizontal design gives the building, structure stability, carries and distributes the load, provides an opportunity to use the premises for the purpose, is floor and ceiling at the same time and is called the overlap or intermediate floors. Durability, reliability and ceilings must be combined with heat and sound insulating properties. Depending on the destination premises floor decking can be arranged (coasting) in the special beams, beams of the ceiling, or made of flat panels, the panels – beamless.

If the size and layout of the building using slabs, then called overlapping teams, if floor plans have a complex configuration that is poured monolithic slabs, there are also options for combined prefabricated monolithic slabs. Surveying organization on the site. Placing the future house on his site is an important and very critical stages of construction. Binding home on land or production surveying the construction site, using a construction term that precedes the entire building. The specialists of "Peace" is advised to carefully consider the breakdown of the axes, and its allocation of marks on the ground, guided by Russian proverb "seven times Measure twice …. " The exact date of occurrence of Geodesy is impossible to determine, most likely, when man began to build first a tent or other shelter, he drew a stick where it will have input. The need to measure their territory, plan area or place a complex engineering structure made the ancient builders to improve the surveying, as applied science. Extant ancient evidence, archaeological artifacts confirm the ability of the ancient builders to use during the stakeout surveying work.