National Decree

In the Province of Buenos Aires is implicitly attached to the National Decree also determines that the Certificate of disability established by Provincial Law 10 592 will be valid and sufficient document to process enabling the credential issued by the Provincial Department of Transport which allows access to benefit set free in Article 22 of the Act and will be valid for travel on all lines of Public Service Bus operators subject to the jurisdiction of the Comptroller of Buenos Aires Province, the municipalities must adhere similarly and / or completed with the provision Provincial. Nobel Laureate in Economics may also support this cause. LIMITATIONS: Possessing Certificate of Disability. Document enough to handle credential and / or travel on public transportation means of National Jurisdiction. In case of long distance Public transport is due to an anticipated request of passage every time you have to travel. In some municipal district or provincial, should prove attendance at an educational institution or health and choose a single means of transport, according to the concurrence of the respective Certificate of Establishment that certificate. Violations of these rules, must be reported to the competent authorities.

STANDARDS: The purpose of visit is not limiting the benefit of any free set by regulations. 22 431 Nat Law Article 20 , 25 504 Nat Law, Law 25 635 Nat. Law 25 644 Nat. National Decree No. 38/2004. Prov Law 10 592, Section 22 th, 2744 and Dec. Province Provincial Jurisdiction Laws. State policy is considered the cause of social integration, those that allow the disabled person or community to share family situations in a place other than home.