Market Price and Mortgages

To calculate the amount of accumulated net worth, calculate the market price and subtract the balance of your first mortgage, and if I had a second mortgage or a loan accumulation on the mortgage, also subtract that balance. Then write the answers to the following questions: What are the reasons defaulted on their (s) monthly payment (s) mortgage (s)? Do you have any document proving the grounds for its arrears? How attempted to resolve this problem? His problem is temporary, long term or permanent? What are the changes expected for your situation in both the short and the long term? What are the other financial matters that may be preventing him from catching up with their mortgage payments and continue to meet the payments? What would you like to happen? Do you want to keep the house? What type of payment arrangement would be most feasible for you? Throughout the process of foreclosure prevention do the following: Write down all communications with whom the representative of the lender, including dates and hours of conversations, the type of contact (personal, phone, e-mail, fax or mail), the name of the representative of the lending institution and the results of communications. Follow up in writing to all conversations you have with the representative of the entity that manages your loan by sending a letter with details of what was discussed verbally. Send your letter by certified mail "with acknowledgment "(" Return Receipt requested ") to have proof of receipt of your correspondence. Keep a copy of your letter and enclosures. .