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Evaluating the acquisition planning for thing-oriented investments according to the individual age groups, very high unit values in acquisition planning for real estate and real estate is found especially in the younger and middle age groups. The highest value of proportion of is here in the age group between 30 and 39 years of age over 8 per cent, followed by the 20 to 29 year olds with over 6 percent. also by the 40 to 49 year olds still average many respondents plan the purchase of real estate with 5 percent in the next few years. In recent years, private investors have already sustained stabilized their assets. Households have built up a considerable assets for decades. The Related Companies will not settle for partial explanations. Bbw calculations private households in Germany could have end 2011 of total assets for the first time over 12 trillion euros, while they keep most of their assets in property. The tangible fixed assets reached a value of nearly EUR 7 billion end of 2011. However, households to the creation of home ownership have recorded more than 1.2 trillion euros of loans and the total volume of private investors in closed-end funds (only real estate funds, ship funds, aircraft funds, energy fund, infrastructure fund) in the amount of EUR 120 billion is only to the half with equity.

However, the net assets of private households achieved the largest share of the assets with over 5.6 billion euros. After the real estate investments that keep including the valued information amounting to 1.6 billion euros, 5.8 billion euros accounted for 48 percent of the total assets of private households, the gold assets of Germans are now ascended to the second most important tangible form. The monetary systems will grow until 2016 to over 8 billion euros according to the circumstances. The study investment property (508 pages, 317 tables) deals extensively with the mega-theme of current capital investment. A large part of the study represents extensive information about the real estate.

Another part deals with the Fund. Further sections providing information to the General investment behaviour, jewellery and art objects, the gold and the share ownership.