Holiday Apartments

In order to offer guests a later than this holiday apartments with Internet and phone, was the relocation of several network cables necessary – these were easy to place in the natural stone more accurate and differentiated the presorting, the smaller the joints can be chosen. Robert Speyer takes a slightly different approach. For the sorting should take your time! Sometimes it also may be found true “bargains” in the form of unusual color or pyrite inclusions. Thus, certainly one or the other Find the way to the base plate wall decorations. A “normal” floor tile is relatively fast access, here one should be in natural slate necessarily longer time. Unlike the hydrophilic tile gives the adhesive its moisture almost entirely to the floor. The binder and curing times are in the laying of slate so much longer.

In this example, about waiting a week. Then the cleaning was done with a damp cloth, glue residue or glue stains were wiped off immediately with the installation (as long as they were still fresh. There remains a slight pale gray veil. Now thin linseed oil was applied – so that is not the oil in the remaining gaps. When grouting later, this measure facilitate the cleaning of the surface as the grout is not as strong ties with the plate surface. The gap must remain free of oil! – Selection of material for the floor – the choice of natural slate fell from the following reasons: exclusivity in Appearance and feel of Room Acoustics – through the structured surface of natural slate is a good sound refraction with substantial waiver of textile coverings absolute dimensional accuracy of the floor tiles in length and width, 4 mm gap could be durchgelegt in the entire area without differences Extremely long shelf surface damage lead in contrast to tile to no quality loss, because damaged areas can be repaired with a little linseed oil immediately, the natural surface is maintained in the office area lends itself to the dark ground color as the room light reflected from the ceiling and wall, and so promotes a less exhausting work. Light contrasts are important and well-reflecting white walls and ceilings open the space feeling up. For structural reasons, the ceiling height below 2 m 40 is optically but the room is higher. more information and pictures are related to the author of the article at any time