Guide to Home Ownership

Here – it's simple. If you like the proposal – is to go and inspect the accommodation. Take a look the house sold in an apartment there, to estimate repairs. That visit to an apartment – can help you decide, is it worth it. Fourth. Option found, are making advances.

When the "desired" results, and you lost in admiration of future ownership – is sufficient to start the beginning of registration of the rights to it. And the beginning is always tentative agreement, which involves an advance. Not Remember – today it is considered reasonable within the limits of 2-5%. Fifth. Do not rush ahead of the engine – check to buy an apartment clean. This step is of course best left to a lawyer or realtor.

They easily inquired whether the dark past this object: if not carried out illegal alterations, are not spelled out whether the housing by any third party, whether the house is not subject to demolition, do not be whether to rent or a mortgage, and so on Sixth. We put on costumes – we are waiting for a deal. The latter should take place in three stages: the delivery of money, signing a contract of sale, registration of property rights. Handing over the money in advance of pobespokoytes deposit box, if you pay for accommodation in cash. Should be cautious when signing the sales contract. Remember that your signature on the contract, as a stamp in the registry office: only then – can not get away. Carefully study the contract. But the state registration takes usually about a month. As a result of the same – you should get a certificate confirming your full ownership of the property. Seventh. The meeting place can not be changed. The final stage of a home purchase is probably the most enjoyable. When certificate of right to property received – ask the seller to transfer the property. Meeting better be assigned directly to the apartment so you finally could see that her face and "content" has not changed since since your last visit. Keys are obtained and now you – full owner! Immediately pobespokoytes about changing locks – and can be occupied!