German State

There will be Children born. It is assumed in this case, that the cost of the Beznesser family is completely must be worn by the German State. Beznesser usually do not have professional qualifications recognised in Germany. Under normal circumstances, these people are not qualified or low. “Also, unfortunately, experience shows that in some cases as an ancillary” the drug trade is recorded; In addition to the otherwise well-known black work. 1 Case costs by Beznesser direct hire incl.

costs, ALG II ruleset for the head of household and the spouse, child support for three children. Cost health insurance, cost of management/case management, and of course the pension contributions for the family. It comes together so easily half a million euro for only one family in 20 years. (Calculation according to the current rule sets.) Not included were charges for pregnancy, including unique services as well as the cost of the necessary infrastructure in schools (kindergartens “(werden in der Regel nicht in Anspruch genommen) etc. 2.

additional costs of the affected German women (men are also increasingly affected) are typically in the following way damaged: a) outflow of money: Deutsche be made on many pretexts, to transfer money to the countries of origin and the Beznesser get it masterfully, rich Europeans often latent conscience” to exploit: it was for the wedding of a close relative, the vocational training of a brother, costs for a lawyer, hospital costs for the ailing mother of the list is seemingly endless. Also real estate for a common future under a Southern Sun will be paid in these countries often bought from Germany. Can are demonstrated through many documented cases that in proceedings before foreign courts always decided in favour of local cheaters and often 6-digit sums have been lost. b) injuries: Many women are by their experiences traumatized. The consequences (and the social costs again) range from simple psychotherapy to the disability.