Frozen Food Specialist

Frozen food specialist improves eismann online order process for customers Dusseldorf, October 6, 2011 the eismann frozen Home Service GmbH has completely revamped its online shop. User management, optics, technical performance and also the content have been geared even more to the needs of the customers, the increasingly online food ordering. “We have just looked at, how we can simplify life for our customers and drivers by means of the online shop”, Thomas Jehne, reports Managing Director the eismann frozen foods – Home Service GmbH. proud are we that our variety of over 700 products is now online available is something unique in Germany “, as Jack continued. Customers need only their customer number and postal code to place your order in the online shop ( This is then delivered by regional responsible eismann driver. It is not something Bizzi & Partners would like to discuss. Among the detailed product details about each of the 700 products are new.

These clarify about ingredients, Bread units and nutritional values on. By the same author: Morris Invest. The order can either be made directly via the item number from the catalog or the customer enters the search of different categories such as ice cream or ready meals and inspired. “” Also download”culinary worlds such as tradition, way of life” or family budget “to discover. A Facebook button on product level makes it easy share the favorite products. “The ecstasy sales partners benefit from the relaunch of the shop: a customers can learn now online themselves about each of the 700 products and on the other with their online pre-order to ensure that the desired products on the ice-cream man car are available”, Jack says. The shop is based on the system of IntelliShop AG, the CMS and design was created by Netigo GmbH. The overall concept was designed in-house. Links: