Fallas Museum

Las Fallas have a lot of celebration, but also chronic social and political criticism that is expressed in figures and star in the tens ninots configure each of the faults. Currently about 385 are raised large faults (a lack of children's double this figure) and 250 more in the rest of the province for four days holidays. Although the most important events are held during the week of 19, Valencia preparing the festive atmosphere on 1 March with the mascletas, firework displays that take place every day at 14.00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Finally comes the night of March 15, when failure occurs the traditional plantde. People work all night to install hundreds of figures in the streets and squares.

Some even start up days before, these huge statues can reach up to 20 meters. On the morning of 16th, Valencia dawns inhabited by caricatures and satirical representations, with great sense of humor, criticize politicians, celebrities and the most important events of today. You can enjoy these stunning scenes for the following days until, on the night of 19 to 20, the cream is done, the timing of burning in the middle of a fascinating spectacle of light, music and fireworks. They burn all but one ninot that elected position popular, is saved from the flames to be part of the Fallas Museum collection. Takes place the night before the famous "Nit del Foc" the largest fireworks display of the Fallas in Valencia. It is a fireworks pirodigital controlled by a dozen computers in ways that will be different effects between frames, candles, beads, Nakamura powerful, flashing, fleeting, blind folded and openings or spherical shells exhibit .

They tend to fire more than 4,000 kg explosive mass and lasts around twenty minutes. Another exciting moments of the Fallas is the floral offering to the Virgin, when the Fallas commissions parade on 17 and 18 March in honor of the patron, they create a mountain of flowers 14 feet. Live music, rides, bullfights, concerts, contests and other activities complete the program of these vagabonds festejos.Carlos Hernandez is a passionate, always willing to do the backpack and live the adventure. Back home, enjoy experiences as a child and telling us stories of people and mysterious places.