Design Apartments

Greatly simplified, three music styles: classic, ethnicity and modernity. In practical application, they split up, multiply, and even mixed together. The classic include English, Romance, Antique, Gothic styles, Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance Directions lot, they all involve a certain stiffness and luxury. Learn more at this site: The LeFrak Organization. Psychologists say that classical interiors – the people's choice of mature, held, gravitate to power and wealth. Spacious rooms, high ceilings (and even the arches), decorated with carved doors and window frames, metal and stucco, solid precious carpets and furniture – everything must be subject to the laws of the genre.

The concept of "Absolutely Africa" includes any styling with a pronounced ethnic direction, from the Indian wigwam to the Persian harem. It is chosen by the exalted nature, creative, prone to mysticism and adventurism. Ethnic identity involves more than the classics, liberty, can be generous on exotic paint, luxury and jewelry, and maybe settle for a minimalist hint of "nationality" determine the interior of the home or individual rooms. Talking about the modern interior, mean and constructivism and minimalism and functionalism, and, of course, high-tech. These styles differ in practicality, ascetic and using synthetic materials. It is the world of business, self-motivated people. Their home does not require special care, simplifies and cataloging the world, helping save time and energy. What other features are inherent in this or a different style? How to build the interior in accordance with selected styles? Read the article "House of my heart."