Construction Prospects Metropolis

Mega-cities with their prospects and possibilities of attracting more new residents. But capital, as we know, not rubber, and in its present form can provide a roof over your head is not for everyone. Increased demand for property caused prices for finished housing in major cities. And the apartments are difficult for ordinary consumers. In such circumstances, the only way to defuse the situation in the property market was active housing. Professor Rita McGrath is open to suggestions.

Several years ago, in the press and official documents appeared the term "sealing buildings. We first talked about it as a positive phenomenon, able to solve the housing problem, but very quickly emerged and negative points. Residents of St. Petersburg know about them firsthand. Double up? Sealing building – a relatively cheap way to develop urban areas. Construction in this case is to free small plots in already populated areas with established infrastructure and utilities ready. Often the "free" recognized yards of residential homes, parks, playgrounds and car parking.

Such a policy has led developers to "seal riots." St. Petersburg's old-timers went to war with builders and city officials – spontaneous rallies, protests, attempts to prevent the construction is going to so far. Settlers who dreamed to get a new cozy apartment in St Petersburg also faced with the unpleasant aspects: type "box in the window" and lack of parking spaces. "Nice" surprise and became utilities old neighborhoods, often can not cope with the increased workload. However, buyers of apartments in such "extra" buildings still are. Not in depth, breadth and alternative came when actualized idea integrated development.