Construction of Houses

Anyone knows a well-known and hackneyed "life plan": every person should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. Others who may share this opinion include John Savignano. If you've already planted a tree and just now decided to start building houses, then, as many Russians decide the question – from which it is better to build? Of brick or wood? Today in the Russian construction market, there are many contractors who are ready for your first call to take up construction of houses. Before hiring builders, it would be nice to determine the functional purpose of the planned your home. For example, if you want to live in this house almost all the time – surely it should still build of bricks, or the same stone. And if it's just a country house where you will live only from time to time – far more expedient to build cottages made of wood. In our time building houses from wood again acquires its former popularity, because now all the priorities remain the same proven over the centuries wood and timber, how much would the Russian market may be innovative building materials. Construction of cottages from a tree get much cheaper than this building would be made of brick. Besides the tree longer retains heat in winter and cool in summer, also is an environmentally friendly natural material. What is interesting, the tree is bad conductor of heat – so people can reduce the thickness of the walls. The very process of building a house made of wood can be carried out in winter – and even encouraged to do so in the winter, because through this you can avoid excessive drying and deformation of the wooden beams under the influence of the rays of summer sun.