Construction and Contractors

Initially, the developer looks for land for construction. Following completion of negotiations with the owner of the land site builder is an investment project – the study of economic feasibility, scope and timing of investment and construction documents and business plan. To prepare project documentation developer enters into a contract a contract with the designer. The project is pending in state bodies. To implement the project developer must obtain land in ownership or lease. Then he begins to raise funds and enters into a contract for construction work with the contractor. The latter may involve the construction of other entities (subcontractors) – in this case, the contractor acts the general contractor (Art. 706 cc RF).

The general contractor and subcontractors to prepare the construction site and lay the foundation for the house (start the zero cycle). After completing all phases of the General contractor accepts an object of the act of acceptance from subcontractors. General contractor with subcontractors under the act passes the house builder and the working committee. Currently, a widespread scheme relations, when the developer and general contractor coincide in one person (construction company). Thus, the construction process is much simpler: do not require the conclusion of additional contracts general contractor, finding a general contractor.

Therefore, the interaction that occurs between the contractor and the customer (in this case – the developer) is faster. Stops the delivery of the first group of houses in operation State Acceptance Commission. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Growth Strategy Expert. The second group of relations is connected with the financial side of the facility.