Brokers Help Rent

Dr. Hetmeier real estate offers professional rental service in the majority of cases it is worth for private landlords to hire a real estate agent with the rental of living space. This considers the Dortmund Office Dr. Hetmeier real estate. Owner Dr. Marita Hetmeier refers in particular to better marketing by real estate professionals: many landlords “try for months in vain, with little meaningful newspaper ads to find a prospective tenants for your apartment. We run our ads simultaneously in print and online in the most famous real estate exchanges of the Internet. A good apartment is rented often already after a few days.” When selecting tenants, the intervention of an estate agency is reliable also. Dr. Hetmeier: “only a good marketing results that can register multiple tenants and the landlord ever make a selection. We share only tenants with our customers, whose solvency we have tested. In addition, we collect a tenant information. So we protect our customers against rent nomads and other problem cases.” “The customer has opted for a tenant, we also help with the conclusion of the contract. Legal advice is primarily the task of lawyers. But sometimes we see that working customers with a contract form from 1978. Then, we give tips how cheap to get legally secure contract forms with relevant interest groups. Also with wider issues such as contract design, we advise, as far as we may offer legal advice as ancillary to the legal services act. We are present even with good seventy own units as a landlord in Dortmund and know what we’re talking about.” How much is the rental service of the estate agent? The provision of rental housing agent Dr. Hetmeier charged a fee of two net monthly rents. This is the statutory provision for the provision of housing. For the rental of an apartment to a rent of 300 mediation costs amounting to 600 plus 114 VAT total gross 714. The Commission in Dortmund of the landlord must pay. Agent Dr. Hetmeier explains that: “Dortmund is not Schwabing, Bad Homburg or Baden Baden.” There is no housing shortage, but a balanced housing market. Dortmund tenants are unwilling to muster two month rent commissions and even up to three month’s rent security deposit (deposit) for a standard apartment. Here, the landlord more benefits from the services of the broker as the tenant. Therefore it is fair, if the lessor pays the broker.