A common error between the types that are trying to find out how to obtain strong arms it is to only concentrate itself in the biceps. This is incorrect, since your arms have three main muscular groups, the biceps, triceps and forearms. In fact, anyway, your triceps is greater than your biceps, so it has sense to work these muscles, equal of fort, to obtain strong and muscular arms. Or that you are looking for to obtain strong arms for the baseball, boxing, tennis or simply to have a better body, I will show three great and the more strong exercises which you can use to obtain a fist hard the more and arms to you the more. How to obtain strong arms? – Biceps Alternating curls with mancuerna These are huge to construct strong biceps. Mancuerna in each hand, but in the flexionada position begins with one. Now, it downwards takes flexionada mancuerna of the left hand and then, again upwards to the beginning position. It repeats in the other side.

The value always of conserving, at least one mancuerna in the position of above, is that your biceps are in constant tension through all the exercise. This will help you to increase the force of your much more fast arm. Sets of 6-10 realises 3 repetitions. How to obtain strong arms? – Triceps Flexions with cable (cable crunch) Ponte standing up, before the cable machine and takes the handle with Las Palmas from both hands, the face downwards and the elbows to your sides. Later, slowly, it pushes downwards on the cable, asegurndote to conserve the part superior of your arm, fixed next to your body, focusing the rotation in the elbow.

You would have to feel that triceps is being flexionados. The key to secure the maximum of this exercise, is to conserve your body and the arm superior, as immovable as it is possible, and to only concentrate your effort in triceps. Sets of 6-10 realises 3 repetitions. How to obtain stronger arms? – Forearms Curls of wrists These are huge to construct great and strong forearms, and hard fists like rocks. Sintate of side, in a bank of weights, and you maintain a bar of weights in both hands, with Las Palmas of your hands upwards, and your forearms resting on your thighs. Now, broken your wrists above and down, slowly, having to feel that the muscles of your forearms begin ” quemar”. It realises 6-10 later repetitions and reptelas with your palms downwards.