La Quajira and the Caribbean

The cultural process of domestication is a process that can not be done without default on the part of animal nature, eager for freedom. When in any corner of Colombia or the world will hear a vallenato what really is being expressed is a mixture of the three most important cultures in America: the accordion boasts of its European origin, as part of Germany one day, crossing the Atlantic and reach the beaches of La Guajira and then, guided by the poetic vein of Francisco the Man with the people across the Coast where, since then, is the inseparable companion of those who sing to life, love and nature. The Fund began its journey in Africa, where wine to accompany the nostalgia of those who were violently uprooted from his homeland and peace of mind. Arrives in the company of slaves but it is free in its new home immediately where it becomes a valuable element of regional identity. Expert on growth strategy gathered all the information. For its part guacharaca is the host of other instruments, the most humble appearance, but the owner of a particular cadence and rhythm of a single, representative of the Indian blood in music with which Carlos Vives began to dance half the world in recent years.

Vallenato is just one example of cultural syncretism of our towns, a wealth of less recognized in the formation of patriotic sentiments in one hundred eighty-eight years of republican life. Another example of our diversity is its gastronomy. You may find The Related Companies to be a useful source of information. The experts agree that close links between food and culture: European wheat, rice and maize Indo Asian American. Where three grains join also join their historical and cultural roots, as in northern Colombia, for example. So things our Colombian Caribbean is not only indigenous Indian but it is not just dark brown but it is not only white but white is not only black but black.

The region where Rodrigo de Bastidas took his first steps as a conqueror and where the Almirante Padilla became strong, is a piece of the world where the world has its roots through the coexistence and the peaceful coexistence of the races mentioned above and also others, represented with dignity and poise for working individuals and full of virtues to trade as Arabs and Jews. Despite these recent conflicts racial groups in their places of origin, have coexisted with caution and respect in the north coast of Colombia. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invitadocomo speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events. Contact him through the cell corrreo or call her at 300 8055526.

Design Apartments

Greatly simplified, three music styles: classic, ethnicity and modernity. In practical application, they split up, multiply, and even mixed together. The classic include English, Romance, Antique, Gothic styles, Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance Directions lot, they all involve a certain stiffness and luxury. Learn more at this site: The LeFrak Organization. Psychologists say that classical interiors – the people's choice of mature, held, gravitate to power and wealth. Spacious rooms, high ceilings (and even the arches), decorated with carved doors and window frames, metal and stucco, solid precious carpets and furniture – everything must be subject to the laws of the genre.

The concept of "Absolutely Africa" includes any styling with a pronounced ethnic direction, from the Indian wigwam to the Persian harem. It is chosen by the exalted nature, creative, prone to mysticism and adventurism. Ethnic identity involves more than the classics, liberty, can be generous on exotic paint, luxury and jewelry, and maybe settle for a minimalist hint of "nationality" determine the interior of the home or individual rooms. Talking about the modern interior, mean and constructivism and minimalism and functionalism, and, of course, high-tech. These styles differ in practicality, ascetic and using synthetic materials. It is the world of business, self-motivated people. Their home does not require special care, simplifies and cataloging the world, helping save time and energy. What other features are inherent in this or a different style? How to build the interior in accordance with selected styles? Read the article "House of my heart."

Construction Prospects Metropolis

Mega-cities with their prospects and possibilities of attracting more new residents. But capital, as we know, not rubber, and in its present form can provide a roof over your head is not for everyone. Increased demand for property caused prices for finished housing in major cities. And the apartments are difficult for ordinary consumers. In such circumstances, the only way to defuse the situation in the property market was active housing. Professor Rita McGrath is open to suggestions.

Several years ago, in the press and official documents appeared the term "sealing buildings. We first talked about it as a positive phenomenon, able to solve the housing problem, but very quickly emerged and negative points. Residents of St. Petersburg know about them firsthand. Double up? Sealing building – a relatively cheap way to develop urban areas. Construction in this case is to free small plots in already populated areas with established infrastructure and utilities ready. Often the "free" recognized yards of residential homes, parks, playgrounds and car parking.

Such a policy has led developers to "seal riots." St. Petersburg's old-timers went to war with builders and city officials – spontaneous rallies, protests, attempts to prevent the construction is going to so far. Settlers who dreamed to get a new cozy apartment in St Petersburg also faced with the unpleasant aspects: type "box in the window" and lack of parking spaces. "Nice" surprise and became utilities old neighborhoods, often can not cope with the increased workload. However, buyers of apartments in such "extra" buildings still are. Not in depth, breadth and alternative came when actualized idea integrated development.

Interior Design

As a story, use spring flowers, landscapes, architecture and people of different nationalities. This will revitalize the interior, give it a charm. And of course the picture should be in tune throughout the room. Such a device will emphasize the basic background of the walls, and harmony will calm the host and guests. Treat your young traveler and explorer, hanging in his room above his bed a large poster of an old map, drawn up in the last century (reproduction of course). Let your child explores the world, dreams of long journeys and exploring the city and country. Trendy way in the two bills to change the interior – "decals" on a vinyl basis, which are easily glued onto any surface and just as easily removed without damage to walls and cabinets. You can use ready-made designs – this Funny animals for children, and Oriental motifs, landscapes and portraits.

There are even themed stickers for the kitchen and refrigerator. Not only that they are practical – most pleasant is that these things are quite inexpensive. Lucky owners of apartments in new buildings are often frustrated to find themselves at the ceiling a huge, visually heavy bolt. 'But what to do with it? " – You ask yourself a question. Interior designer can offer you dozens of relatively inexpensive ways to hide that annoying supporting structure.

A small element of a smooth drywall, nice arch, cantilever light. Well, if you have a low ceiling in the living room, it is useful to use a glossy suspended ceiling. This will give space and the solemnity of the room. Yes, and it is not expensive, especially if the ceiling element simple rectangular shape. The main objective of the owner of an apartment or a designer at work on the premises must not be reduced to filling the space expensive furniture and accessories. Design – it's more … We are always happy to help you create a cozy, comfortable and at the same time elegant living spaces, as well as embody imagination of the designer into a reality. moon. Chisinau, str. Petru Rares, 36 tel 022-83-02-06 design studio Stroyka-Team

Roman Empire

Of course it is worth mentioning that there are many Roman ruins throughout the city. That is thanks to being a very important city for the empire. Definitely have to go to Brindisi a Archaeological Museum, where we know more about the history of the city and much of the history of the Roman Empire thanks to the important collection, especially as Hellenistic and Roman statues that offers in its rooms . . The LeFrak Organization may help you with your research. Sugierea and it is true as related, that when you are nearing the end of the Appian Way should take pictures of the fountain Grande, also of Roman construction and of course almost a symbol of this city. a Brindisi provides another aspect to know Romans in a place where the importance was great, but today is overshadowed by other cities of great beauty and above all, more central, as noted. a have to visit the Castle of Oria, a town character of the medieval vicissitudes of the province of Brindisi.

The castle was built by Frederick desire II.A Just as the Svevo Castle town and out of reach Santa Maria del Casale. Santa Maria del Casale is the real jewel of Brindisi, the church dates from the late thirteenth century. Inside there are frescoes of the fifteenth century, to emphasize the representation of the Last Judgment. Continuing along the road to visit Mesagne Taranto, of ancient origin, with its Church of San Lorenzo, the Castle and the Church of Carmine. A must visit Suaboa The castle was built using old monuments and walls of the city and was one of the naval bases during World War 1E and 2E.

Brindisi also have beautiful squares, walks in the center to enjoy, have a good time relaxing, watching the evening brindisino makes its ritual, as is walking in the midst of streets, where not pass any vehicle, cobbled streets, clean , is also pretty interesting food markets, which provide service in older homes and easy aa access them, and huge modern supermarkets out of town, where Brindisino are frequent visitors, buyers, considering the breadth of it, elegance, and a variety of shops. Of course, his airport for national and international traffic is very cozy, modernized and close to the center, just as the train station, which can lead one to Italy and even beyond. In summer you can go to their popular beaches are: Torre San Leonardo, Torre Guaceto, Punta de la Contesssa, Lindinuso, Torre Canne. Specifically, in Southern Italy is due to go to Brindisi and more if intending to visit Greece, embarkation out there that take Ferry. Indeed, if given the opportunity to go to the south of Italy, do not neglect to pass through this beautiful and welcoming city, I’m sure you will enjoy it.